The sudden End

I continue my journey to a small lonley island two hours south called Koh Siboya.
Near the beach in the shade of the jungle are a few huts and not much people around,
so Im chilling in a hammock reading Game of Thrones.

In the afternoon I explore the island with my camera, look around all the crabs and flotsam along the beach
and found a can stuck in the sand with some crabs in it.
I tried pulling out the mysterious object, but suddenly it turns out to be glass as the jar shatterd.

My first reaction was to lough out loud about my stupid curiousity,
then I realised what happend:

I walked hours through the jungle and along the beach
There is absolutly nobody around
I cut off a small piece of my finger
and loose blood faster and faster

I fear passing out, so I sit down and try to stop the bleeding with a hanky
but without many sucsess.

I dont want to die yet!
So I get up and step by step walking back
continously repeating in my mind:

You cant pass out!

Finally made it to my bungalow and the saving First Aid Kit.
After calling my Dad (whos a doctor) I decided to move home.
Even if I find a good hospital around here, I still would fear an infection and couldnt go into water.
So I think heading home was still the best descision.

67 hours without much sleep later Im back in Germany, went to hand surgery and finally fell into my own bed.

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