Back home

From Denmark we sail directly to Kiel, where we have to drive through the long canal again.
This time Kiel Canal isnt that exciting although theres fog everywhere.

We reach the North Sea heading for Cuxhafen, but the wind is blowing against us with around 70km/h.
Also theres alot of big traffic yelling at us on the radio that we cant stay on our curse.
So we are forced to turn around and sail down the Elbe searching for a safe stop.

The next day the weather has cleared up and we continue our journey along the North Sea to the Netherlands.
A few days later driving through Dutch lakes and canals we arrive at our homeport Lemmer where our family awaiting us happily!
Its so weird to be back in big city life, after more then three month on an 8m sailboat and around 2000 nautical miles behind us…

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