The South

The last week of my trip I travel slowly back to Reykjavik making stops all over the South coast.
In Vík I photograph the iconic rocks at the beach and visit a wool-production, where I buy a Sheep-wool-jacket.

Next stop is the famous Skogarfoss, where I set up my tent right in front of the roaring waterfall.
After wandering along the Skógar river and watching the giant waterfall
I hitchhike to a nearby plane wreck the next day.
Its a little bit creepy to search the old plane in this endless black sand,
but the simple beauty of this quiet black desert is very fascinating!

Out here humans doesnt matter.
Nature is a wonder and life is powerfull!

The last days I spent in Reykjavik, exploring the amazing city with all its art and kind people.
I visit some big galleries and enjoy the big parks all around.
Sadly I leave Iceland, the most beautiful place Ive been to, with the promise to come back.
Nature here is so pure and raw, but to see all this getting destroyed slowly frightens me alot!

I hope when I come back the glaciers are still here,
Humpback Whales still living on this planet and all the nature remaining untouched…

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