Hiking the Highlands

After arriving in Reykjavik I have a first look at the city, get some food and search the Bus Station.
The next day the bus brings me North along mighty waterfalls and through narrow canyons.
At the end of this exciting day I camp near the namegiving Geysir blowing hot water in the air every 20 minutes.

In the morning I catch the next bus North into the Highlands.
After some hours on rough gravel roads I exit the bus in the middle of nowhere.

Surrounded by ash and stone I enjoy the silence and hike through this Mordor-like landscape.
Just before sunset I reach a river where I set up my tent and fall a sleep after the exhausting hike.

The next day I explore the surrounding landscape without my heavy backpack.
I forget about everything and follow the sheep along the river till it starts to rain.
Back in my tent I make dinner and get to sleep early,
cause the next morning I have to leave before sunset, to catch the bus on the road 10km away.

In heavy fog I leave the campsite and hike back to the road.
One kilometer before I reach the road a river blocks my way.
I take of my boots and carefully cross the freezing cold water.

On the other side is a small wooden hut, where I get a hot coffee and wait for the bus to Akureyri.

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