The North Sea

Right after finishing school I start my first big trip in my life with a good friend of mine.
When I was a kid my parents tought me their love for the ocean, so I got into sailing on a little lake in Essen.
I inspired my family to go sailing for our holidays and in 2013 we bought an old little sailboat.

With this 8m Jeanneau SY called Murkel we set sails in the Netherlands.
After some difficulties with the engine motoring through the Dutch canals we reach the ocean.
Over the North Sea we are sailing East to Germany.
Along our way we visit some of the sandy islands and got a beautiful sunset on our last miles to Cuxhafen (GER).

The German Coast

In Cuxhafen we pick up another friend of us before we drive two days through the Kiel Canal by motor.
Unfortunally we arent the only one in this narrow 100km long canal,
so we have to navigate very carefully while very big ships pass us.

Once we reached Kiel and the open Baltic Sea dream-life begins.
We dont care, what day it is, stop where we like to and move on, when the wind is good.

Be happy with simple living
cause the world is great.


From Stralsund we continue our journy North in twos.
We cross the Baltic Sea and reach the South of Sweden.

The landscape here is stunningly beautiful, so we travel slowly along Swedens coastline to Stockholm.

We anchor at small lonly islands and enjoy the pure nature everywhere around us.

In Stockholm we turn around and sail back South.
We spent more than 40 days in the Swedish archipelagos, which all merch together.
The freedom of travelling when und where we want is so fullfilling.

So its a very sad day in September, when we watch our last Swedish sunset and sail back to Germany with a short stop at the Danish coast.

Back home

From Denmark we sail directly to Kiel, where we have to drive through the long canal again.
This time Kiel Canal isnt that exciting although theres fog everywhere.

We reach the North Sea heading for Cuxhafen, but the wind is blowing against us with around 70km/h.
Also theres alot of big traffic yelling at us on the radio that we cant stay on our curse.
So we are forced to turn around and sail down the Elbe searching for a safe stop.

The next day the weather has cleared up and we continue our journey along the North Sea to the Netherlands.
A few days later driving through Dutch lakes and canals we arrive at our homeport Lemmer where our family awaiting us happily!
Its so weird to be back in big city life, after more then three month on an 8m sailboat and around 2000 nautical miles behind us…