Iceland 2016

The unknown calls for me again, so I decide to travel Iceland by bike.
But two weeks before flying to Iceland my bike gets stolen!
I change my plans and travel round Iceland by bus with a free choice Bus Pass.
This way I get to see much more of this beautiful country than biking around with no experience.

I explore the rough wilderness
meditate, read, train landscape photography
and enjoy the wonderfull pure nature all around.

Hiking the Highlands

After arriving in Reykjavik I have a first look at the city, get some food and search the Bus Station.
The next day the bus brings me North along mighty waterfalls and through narrow canyons.
At the end of this exciting day I camp near the namegiving Geysir blowing hot water in the air every 20 minutes.

In the morning I catch the next bus North into the Highlands.
After some hours on rough gravel roads I exit the bus in the middle of nowhere.

Surrounded by ash and stone I enjoy the silence and hike through this Mordor-like landscape.
Just before sunset I reach a river where I set up my tent and fall a sleep after the exhausting hike.

The next day I explore the surrounding landscape without my heavy backpack.
I forget about everything and follow the sheep along the river till it starts to rain.
Back in my tent I make dinner and get to sleep early,
cause the next morning I have to leave before sunset, to catch the bus on the road 10km away.

In heavy fog I leave the campsite and hike back to the road.
One kilometer before I reach the road a river blocks my way.
I take of my boots and carefully cross the freezing cold water.

On the other side is a small wooden hut, where I get a hot coffee and wait for the bus to Akureyri.


In Akureyri I stay for some days and look around the arty city,
visit a few small galleries and explore the surrounding landscape.
Its amazing to see the Icelandic people here living this far North
and spending all their days making beautiful art all around the city.


From Akureyri I travel a little further North to the fishing village Husavík.
I look around the little harbour and eat some fish&chips at the pier.

The next day I signed up for a whale watching tour and indeed I get to see a Humpback Whale for the first time in my life.
Breathtaking to watch such a giant animal swim silently around the boat and watch us humans through his huge eyes.


For the next two days I stay in Myvatn and explore the vulcanic landscape.
On my hike to the biggest vulcano around I reach a giant crack through the ground!

Its a funny feeling to jump from the European to the American Plate before I start to climb the vulcano.
On top of the crater you have an amazing view over the world.
I sit down and think about the power of nature happened here ages ago.

From the vulcano I hike through the dead wasteland to a hot spring bath nearby, where enjoy the rest of the day…

Vatnajökull National Park

Two days by bus later I arrive at the Vatnajökull National Park, where I can camp right at the entrance.
On the way to the campsite the Bus makes a stop at the Jökulsárón Laguun,
where I see an iceberg for the first time in my life.
The beauty of the ice shining in the light is very stunning,
but its frightening to see so much ice drifting melting into the ocean, all caused by us stupid humans.

From the bottom of the giant glacier I hike to the top of a near mountain.
Along the way through the forest I find many waterfalls from the melting glacier,
before I reach the top of the mountain Gláma and take the iconic joshlooksaround-header…

The South

The last week of my trip I travel slowly back to Reykjavik making stops all over the South coast.
In Vík I photograph the iconic rocks at the beach and visit a wool-production, where I buy a Sheep-wool-jacket.

Next stop is the famous Skogarfoss, where I set up my tent right in front of the roaring waterfall.
After wandering along the Skógar river and watching the giant waterfall
I hitchhike to a nearby plane wreck the next day.
Its a little bit creepy to search the old plane in this endless black sand,
but the simple beauty of this quiet black desert is very fascinating!

Out here humans doesnt matter.
Nature is a wonder and life is powerfull!

The last days I spent in Reykjavik, exploring the amazing city with all its art and kind people.
I visit some big galleries and enjoy the big parks all around.
Sadly I leave Iceland, the most beautiful place Ive been to, with the promise to come back.
Nature here is so pure and raw, but to see all this getting destroyed slowly frightens me alot!

I hope when I come back the glaciers are still here,
Humpback Whales still living on this planet and all the nature remaining untouched…