Greece 2018

Sailing with my family

Before I will leave Germany for fulltime travel at the other end of the world I go on holiday with my family one last time.
We charter a sailboat in Greece to explore the Sporades for two weeks.
The weather is absolutly gorgeous; light winds and warm waters
Ideal for a relaxing holiday in rythm with the ocean!

Some years ago we already sailed in the mediterranean but this place is completly stunning. Small islands everywhere, wonderful bays for anchoring and cute little villages.

Beside the sailing itself I enjoy mostly to explore the old Greek townships on high mountainous islands with cute white buildings, colorful markets and numerous cats strolling around.

a loveletter to my family
There are no words to describe how glad I am to be born in my family!
They raised the person I have become, they support my dreams, my creativity and every crazy idea I ever had.
Since I can remember we travelled around in our caravan.
Later I convinced them of the love of sailing and together we sailed on many different boats.
I assume this might be our last family holiday for a long time, because afterwards I’ll leave everything behind to start my fulltime travels at the other end of the world.
But no matter how many miles are between us I know: my family is always with me!