Joshua Basu

Im a curious Millennial, who doesnt know how to follow the common road.
Rather I would seek the wild adventure, the little wonder, the beauty of the moment!
The unknown calls for me and I have to set sails with the wind…

At ervery corner hides a good story
so Im willing to listen to the world
and capture the moment.

I want to explore the greatness of nature to raise my own awareness
what we all have to fight for this century.
Living with less while travelling closly to nature inspires me
to achieve a full sustainable life with the lowest footprint possible!

My Gear

All the gear I use (and trust) to wander around and capture the stories I find is listed here.

Support my journey

Maybe you wanna support me looking around the world?
I didnt expect that! But here are some opportunities:

Affiliate Links
Sometimes youll find me linking some stuff like the gear above.
These links are called Affiliate Links. If you follow the link and make a purchase,
the company gives the affiliate partner (me) a small percentage. You wont pay any extra money!
Heres a direct link to amazon, if you want to support me while you do your normal shopping:

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Products and Working
If you need some photo or video work to be done, head over to my portfolio and contact me!

Team up with me
Lets connect each other on social media! Im excited for your stories and travel recommendations.
Maybe you work at some sort of Eco project, that has to get captured
or your grandmother has some amazing expirience to share…
It would be awesome to make some sort of project together!

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